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Are you starting to cool off on those cannabis concentrate cartridges? Maybe getting tired of that THC, time after time? You might be ready to change up the concentrate game, with the Cherry OG Live Resin half-gram cartridge from Bobsled Extracts. And no, “Live Resin” isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a whole new kind of cannabis concentrate, and it’s here to stay.

While most concentrates are made from flower that’s been dried and cured over time, Bobsled Extracts only makes its live resin using fresh, living flowers. This means you get all that terpene-loaded, pungent power, just like you’d get from smoking the flower itself! All of that glorious goodness, shrunken down into cartridge size, thanks to the miracle of science.

Get those Cherry OG genetics delivered straight to the brain, letting that 50-50 split keep you balanced between relaxing indica and sunshiney sativa vibes like only the best hybrids can. Perfect for daytime use or a relaxing evening smoke sesh, this versatile concentrate is guaranteed to be your new best friend. Grab your half-gram today, and check out some of our other cartridge choices, while you’re at it!


10 G, 15 G, 20 G, 25 G, 50 G, 100 G

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